MAKWA "Black Bear" (Ojibwe)

We are an Indigenous owned and operated small business based in Ontario Canada. We formulate high quality and hand made soaps that are all natural, plant based, and from the land, just as nature and the creator intended.

  • Handmade in Canada 🍁

    Our soaps are all natural, handmade by us, and shipped by us. We do not outsource from overseas.

  • Organic Ingredients 🌎

    Our soap bars are made using organic plant based ingredients sourced locally within Canada.

  • Sensitive-Skin friendly 👍

    Our soap bars do not dry out your skin. Instead they are gentle, nurishing and suitable for sensitive skin.

We just launched but we are already in the process of formulating new blends! Stay in touch! (Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page)


Hand-made natural soap

Makwa Naturals is an Indigenous-owned soap shop in Canada that makes specially formulated, natural ingredients soap for sensitive skin.

Are you in search of natural soap for sale in Canada? We aim to be your 'go-to' handmade natural soap in Canada. Our soap bars are extremely effective at mitigating dryness, redness, sensitivity, excess sebum production, and early signs of aging. Each batch is each specially formuateld with only the best all natural, organic, plant-based ingredients sourced sustainably and locally within Canada.

When you buy handmade soap in Canada from Makwa Naturals, you're supporting a local family business, instead of the corporate giants that are only focused on profit, not your skin.

We know what you're thinking "Could this be the best soap for sensitive skin in Canada?" maybe :) We will let YOU be the judge of that.

We offer our organic soap for sale in Canada and
to customers in the USA. So, if you're looking to buy Natural soap in Canada, then what are you waiting for? Up your skincare routine and get a better, healthier-looking complexion, naturally.